About Me

Hi there! My name is Emily and I love making artist bears. I have begun to amass too many of them around my room so I have decided to show them to the internet. The scary scary internet! There are not so many people in “real life” that I can excitedly talk about mohair or glass eyes etc as none of them are bear makers (I’m still hoping to convert someone someday!).  A final goal for these endeavours would be to see if there are people who want to adopt my creations and I will try to keep track of some of the hurdles this involves here on this blog.

As a warning, this blog will most likely have a lot of ramblings, please excuse them! Along with lots of these –> 🙂 :/ :S I have to make a conscious effort not to include the little faces in every bit of my internet typing.

If you are curious about the choice of name, I struggled for ages to think of something to use. Everything bear related seems to be already taken(or just too cheesy for me to handle) so after toying with several ideas I decided to simply put my two (late) pet rats names together. Bat and Finch 🙂 ~~ BatFinch! So my bears are now  BatFinch Bears!  Here’s a photo of my fuzzy little friends;

Bat and Finch, the rats

Bat and Finch, the rats having a cuddle

You can contact me at : BatFinch [at] gmail.com


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