Bear Making is Messier Than You Think

When I first caught the bear making bug I was sat at my pc desk with a tiny piece of material and a couple of joints & eyes. I had bought a kit, so they only provide you with as much stuff as necessary. But the bug got me there and then.

So I suddenly started to acquire all sorts of bear related tools and materials, and things inevitably got a little bit hectic on my desk. I have ended up with piles of fur and fabric, strands of thread everywhere and unfortunately enough for others, stray needles/pins! (I’ve never stepped on one, but my poor boyfriend has!).

Half of the desk, and it’s pretty neat!

I sit and think of all the lovely shelving I could own, having all my materials nicely shelved so I can see it all YET it’s neatly out of the way.

But inevitably I know that no matter how organised I am. Every time I start the journey of each little bear, my desk/surroundings will get covered in mess, the furry kind, the spiky kind (wear shoes please!) and the strandy kind (sorry hoover). But that’s ok. It’s just how I am. 🙂

Emily x

P.S (I would greatly appreciate some great ideas about storing anything to do with bear making! Right now it’s all just stacked awkwardly or in little bags everywhere – argh).



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3 thoughts on “Bear Making is Messier Than You Think

  1. miserbears October 15, 2012 at 6:32 pm Reply

    Hello Emily! Nice blog great minds think alike!I have a large plastic sewing box that stores most of my bear making things, and a cardboard box on the floor that has my fabric and stuffing materials. iT ISNT IDEAL BUT IT DOES THE JOB!

    • batfinch October 15, 2012 at 6:55 pm Reply

      Yeah! I think all bear makers have great minds, why else would they be making bears 😉 ! I just updated my post with a picture. I have a little plastic box I store all my eyes and joints all in individual compartments, and then I just pile my fur up on a kind of shelf – nice to be able to see and touch them, terrible for getting anything out! Then I have a box with all my threads and tools and miscellaneous stuff, but when I’m using it it migrates across the desk and then surrounds my computer area 🙂

  2. Caroline D May 6, 2013 at 3:37 pm Reply

    Hi Emily

    I have terrible storage problems myself, I have too many hobbies either on the go or waiting till I feel in the mood again. I have some cheapish stacking boxes with lids for fabric, (£30 for 5x 50 litre, ebay), and some cheapish plastic drawer sets for tools, etc. You sometimes find these in promotions in Tesco’s or warehouse type shops, very useful. But what I really need is a bigger house or a workshop type shed in the garden. *sigh* one day….

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