Say Hello to… Koko!

This is Koko! you can find her —> here

She is a peaceful little bear. Her name means night in Native American(Blackfoot).

She was made using black crushed velvet, English glass eyes, cotter pin joints, steel shot and polyfill.

Koko was a difficult one to photograph as she is jet black! So she’s pretty hard to see!


Emily x


Say Hello to… Bert!

Bert - The Artist Viscose Bear

This is Bert!

He is a quirky little bear.  He is small enough that he can sit in your pocket and join you on every adventure.

Bert - Artist bear

He is made using soft brown Viscose, English glass eyes, cotter pin joints, steel shot and polyfill.



Emily x

Oh my gosh! I just opened an Etsy shop!


I’m super excited/nervous/happy/scared!

I just opened my Etsy shop here

It’s pretty scary, as I’ve been considering doing this for a long time! But now I finally have a bear up for sale!


Anyone else out there who took months and months to work up the courage?

– – – – –

Emily x

Trying Out Polymer Clay Noses

I saw this post by Francesca that she posted in the teddy-talk forums and it gave me a nudge.

I’ve been meaning to try out polymer clay noses for a while, but I hadn’t put much thought into how to begin. So when I read her tutorial post, it gave me that little spark of inspiration and motivation to head out, and find me some Fimo!

I used a 5mm English glass eye for the “base” and a bear whose nose had been giving me lots of trouble.

The bear without the nose.

Francesca showed enough photos that it was a breeze to try it out.

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Say Hello to… Little Betty

This is Betty! 🙂

She is a small, fluffy, sweet thing and I’m sure she is holding a small part of my heart hostage, and she won’t let go of it yet!

Betty is made of sparse slightly felted mohair. She has been weighted with steel shot to give her a nice healthy feel. She has English glass eyes.

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Bear Making is Messier Than You Think

When I first caught the bear making bug I was sat at my pc desk with a tiny piece of material and a couple of joints & eyes. I had bought a kit, so they only provide you with as much stuff as necessary. But the bug got me there and then.

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Say Hello to… George!

This is George. 🙂 you can find him here [SOLD]

He is a ~7″/18cm Bear when standing (seated he is roughly ~5.5″/13.5cm). Made using felted mohair, English glass eyes, cotter pin joints and is filled with steel shot and polyfill.

He has a sweet little face that has been gently aged by using markers and trimming and plucking of the fur round his muzzle.

George is a little bit lazy and likes to lounge around all day, so requires assistance while standing 🙂

Emily x

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